GridRabbit Zigbee Smart Energy Thermostat

The GridRabbit advanced communicating thermostat allows users to instantly see comfort settings and adjust temperature levels remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection.

It is designed to seamlessly integrate with other on-premise Zigbee-enabled communicating devices in an energy management system.


The thermostat can connect to any 3 Heat/2 Cool conventional or heat pump HVAC system. The thermostat’s Zigbee technology enables it to send and receive signals allowing remote monitoring and control of temperature set points. It can also receive price signals and messages from a utility company or grid operator. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to control energy consumption.


Temperature unit Degree C/Degrees F
Operating temperature 32-113 degrees F (0-45 degrees C)
Indoor temperature measurement range 40-99 degrees F (5-37 degrees C)
RF frequency 2.40-2.48 GHz
RF range Up to 1,300 ft (400 m) line of sight
A/C/ power 18-30 V AC at R and C terminals
Size 5.4” (L) x 4.2” (W) x 1” (H)
13.6 cm (L) x 10.6 cm (W) x 2.6 cm (H)
Weight 0.76 lb (345 g)


Support up to 3H/2C heat pump system
7 days program, 4 zones per day
4 sq. inch LCD display
ZigBee SE Profile 1.0
Supporting Smart Energy clusters:
    • Demand Response Load Control
    • Price
    • Message



There are two LEDs located in the top left corner of the thermostat. See the table below for a description of what the lights mean.

Yellow LED indicates the status of the information from your utility company
Status Description
Off No information is received
Flashing Thermostat received a message from the network
On Thermostat received a DRLC from the network


Tri-color (red, green and orange) LED indicates the HVAC system on process of joining network
Green LED on After join network successfully, green LED is remaining for 3 seconds
Red LED on The thermostat is disconnected with the network
Green LED flashing The thermostat is scanning for the available network
Orange LED flashing HVAC system error / warning